Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What's for Dinner

Our needs for food and sleep are some of the greatest limitations placed on humans. That is how a business man would say it. They could also be called opportunities for extreme enjoyment. It's devastating when we miss out on or have problems with both- for example, when you have trouble sleeping through the night, or when you have stomach problems that change a delicious meal into a horrible experience shortly after. TMI Sarah, TMI. The question "What's for Dinner?" is an age-old refrain asked by countless children and husbands in America. The wives ask it too, it's just that no one is around to hear them when they do. Well, no one's around when I ask it, but I was around my mom plenty of times when she asked it to herself and, rhetorically, to us. It's a kind of musing question because the answer is as big and limitless as your imagination and physical energy stores at that point of the day. What's for dinner could be a fresh, handmade gnocchi dish (that I intend to cook one of these days) served with chicken and steamed broccoli or it could be a frozen pizza. You decide.

1 comment:

  1. Frozen pizza. Lots of (canned) mushrooms and some extra cheese on it.

    The time savings from this simple meals leaves me with a great deal of time -- with which I can ponder even great mysteries than "What's for dinner?"

    Or perhaps we'll just go out tonight...