Thursday, July 21, 2011

What We Talk About

Tuesday, when I was making dinner, I was butterflying a couple of chicken breasts when I thought to myself, "South America is the shape of a chicken breast." It was a huge revelation. The Fibonacci rule or the DaVinci thing or whatever "golden" mean where everything you look at is proportioned the same way had come into my kitchen. And I thought about deep meanings behind continents dividing and forming into the shape of chicken breasts.

Afterwards, when I told Caleb about my great discovery as we were going to bed, he sleepily replied, "You shouldn't blog about that, people might not think you were very bright."
And I laughed, "You couldn't come up with more interesting thoughts while staring at a chicken breast. Well, I guess you are the one who's lived in South America."
"Yeah, how would you like to be compared to a chicken breast?"
"Better than being compared to a pork chop."
"Who got compared to that?"
"No one. I was speaking generally."

On another note, Caleb's in his third week of work at Epic (Verona, WI), and they are filling his brain with all kinds of healthcare knowledge. He recently told me about a dream he had where half of the surgical pins in his arm came out and he could see the plate poking up to his skin. He concluded the story by saying, "I have dreams about healthcare now."

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  1. You totally crack me up! I will probably see South America in my breakfast cereal tomorrow ;-)