Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Million Things

This is day three of having two interns live at our house. I thought I would have less time, but it feels like I have more. Looking forward to getting to know them better. We have waffle night tonight so they can meet some of our friends and our friends can meet them. I want to have a girls night soon.

I wish we had a pool we could go to.

Just saw the email that all my clinical evals are in-- all my hours are done and all the evals are in. Here I come for student teaching in the fall. Soon I will be a real, licensed teacher.

While eating like a rabbit is an effective and mathematically sound practice, it can be boring.

The garden is coming in nice-- lots of plants that I don't know. There is a real bunny that lives in the rocks beside our house. There is a big bunny and a baby one, at least one baby one. The bunny is in the garden every day, eating whatever is close to the ground, which isn't anything really pretty. I am kind of employing him/her as a weeder so that I don't have to do it. The rose bush is opening up. The seeds I planted in May are now plants about 7 inches tall. Soon there will be flowers!

The house is coming together. We're still loving it. I got some art from my mom and it really spruced the place up. Still waiting on my favorite one to be ready.

My birthday's coming up soon.

I'll be working at a different summer site this year. I'm prepping the materials this week with my boss.

Gotta go! Time to make pizza!

Jeff Buckley

I am loving this music by Jeff Buckley.


This album is awesome.

I was reading up on who this guy was and found out that he died in Memphis, probably when I was living there. He drowned in a river that I frequently drove by. It's weird to think that if my family had known him, we could have been there to save him.

I wish he were still alive so he could make more music.