Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's not a bad omen, it's just a dead bird

So, today, we walked out the back door on our daily Target run to get more stuff to furnish the apt., and, what do we see on the ground, but a dead baby bird. Right there. Pinkish white and wrinkly and like it still belonged in someone's womb. There's a house finch or house wren that decided to build a nest right next to our door, and every time we go out the door, the bird flies off right above our heads. We talked to the property manager yesterday and mentioned the nest to her, and she said that they come back every year and they have to knock the nests down, but the birds are so persistent that they rebuild the nests every month. She said the maintenance guy would probably come by to take care of ours. So, maybe he came by, but Caleb said that the bird didn't look developed at all. What are baby birds supposed to look like? And if that on didn't just pop out of its egg, where did it come from and why was it there? Yuk yuk yuk.

The foil of this is all the pregnant women who live in Madison. I have never seen more pregnant women in my life! Everyday we see about five of them-- at Target, at restaurants, in furniture stores. What is it about this place that everyone is pregnant? And yesterday, the guy who was trying to sell us a bed said that in 9.5 months, everyone who gets this bed has a baby. So, am I just picking up on these things more, or what's up? Maybe only pregnant women go to the store at the same time I do because they don't have jobs? Who knows?

Anyway, that's what I'm noticing these days. Married life. Today we got the bed we ordered, but no boxspring. So, we'll sleep on the mattress tonight in the living room. The frame is beautiful and takes up most of the bedroom. It's a perfect match for the dresser ; )

Needs of today: friends, job.
Loves: how the yellow spray roses look on the new nautical tablecloth.
Thanks: parents and people I love.

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  1. You will probably always see pregnant women now, every where you go. In college, you were...well, in college, on campus a lot, not a gaggle of expectant mothers there :) Now that you're out and about around town on a regular basis, AND married and, at least somewhere in the recesses of your subconscious, aware of the possibility of children, you're much more aware of something that was really all around you all the time. :) Like Maisie is about to turn 5, and every day while we're driving she wants me to help her look for the number 5 in EVERYTHING. Now I see it all the time. It was always there but I never noticed.