Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birthday Cake and a Typical Day

This was all that was left of my official birthday cake by the time that the day of my birthday arrived, so Caleb planted all 22 candles in it. I've been on this chocolate mousse kick for a while now. And the new drink we like is a moscato by Luccio.

Today was a very household day. I accidently slept in till 1, thanks to the new pillow I got which was about five years overdue. Thanks also to staying up way too late having a birthday phone date with Jess.

We went to the bank, an errand we have been trying to make happen since we moved here.

We went to look at a kitchen/dining rm table that was a long drive from here through green hills and farmland that put the Illinois plains to shame with their beauty. We bought the table that reminds me of my parents' table with its pedestal base. The wife of the family who sold it to us said that it came with good karma-- it was their "grown up" table when they first had a kid, they bought it. They live in a neighborhood where the kids can run wild, "It's old fashioned-- no fences, no pesticides."

After this, we went to the store that we go to every day when we realize what item we need next to make our apartment more complete.

Then we went home, and every time we go home, my heart is filled with hatred towards the three sets of  birds who nest in the rafters above our patio. I want to destroy them. This isn't a very Christian impulse, but if you had to walk through the poop and nest debris and then into your brand new apartment with brand new carpet, you'd understand. Of course, I won't actually do anything about these birds, except call the landlord tomorrow and remind her that our apt should be on the list of apts to de-bird. I can't knock them down myself, because then I would be a bird-baby killer.

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