Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Here Comes... well, Everything.

What a day. Just said goodbye to my cabinet from this year. We made plans for camping in the fall, about three months from now. I'll be three months graduated and two months married then. Hopefully two months a better cook and I can awe them with my skills.

A robin's perched on the porch. The birds have come out in the masses, finally. One keeps trying to build a nest between the lantern by the front door and the side of the house. We keep knocking it down. Maybe the rest of the tulips will be up in time for the weekend.

I got my cap and gown yesterday, and that was the weirdest moment yet.

My cabinet asked if they could be the godparents for my eventual kids. They want me to have six.

We had a tea party this afternoon with two little girls from the next street down, and everyone brought their American Girl dolls.

I'm not sure what I will do when this is all over. Lord, what will I d0?

I keep remembering details that need to happen and the time keeps rushing by. What goes on a wedding playlist? Have to get something for the bridesmaids.

Jill said it was like a moving sidewalk. We ride with our suitcases, sliding, slipping past so many faces, nodding our heads as we go. We can't get off. Everything is done, there's nothing to say except goodbye, I have loved you.

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