Monday, June 16, 2008


I'm feeling so much better. The weekend was just what I needed. The medicine is working and I am probably about 90% right now. It felt good to be in class today, and I'm so glad that we'll be in England on Saturday. We leave Friday night and arrive Saturday morning in London. Then Sunday is my birthday. And it is also Jana's birthday. This is the girl I met in a taxi our first day coming to Wheaton from O'Hare. We are both the oldest daughters in a family with two girls and a boy, in that order. Both sort of from the south-- she's from Kentucky. And we have the same birthday. So we're trying to plan some kind of shenanigans to celebrate even though we have virtually no knowledge about the city of London and what kinds of birthday activities it offers. Someone suggested high tea at the Ritz. We'll see. Hopefully we won't be too jetlagged.
Three more days of class: one research packet due, one presentation, both on wednesday. Lots of reading as usual.
I'm going through the pre last minute phase of packing, wondering if I should have anything mailed from home before it's too late and I'm stuck without my camera cord or iPod cord, or something that I really need. Cookies would be nice hint, hint. Or one of those magic books with the marker that reveals what's underneath. Those were my airplane toys when I was a kid. That, and the guy's face that you could decorate by moving the shavings with the magnet wand. Anyone remember?
We're leaving the 20th, so if you want to call, call now. The first twenty callers will receive, for the low, low price of $19.95... yeah, I don't want to read those articles. Anyway, I'm not sure what kind of internet I'll have over there. Once we get to Oxford, I think there will be pretty consistent access, but before then, I have no idea what it will be like, or if I will use it if it's there. I'm going to be out exploring and going to museums and walking in rose gardens...

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