Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day Three

It feels like a summer camp. We have the same routine everyday and there are no furnishings in our rooms. We have kitchens, but not dishes. Today my roommate Liz and I realized too late that we have a five day meal plan, not seven day. We arrived at Saga and the card swiper told us. So we ate her quaker oats cereal on a bench outside and then two girls brought us granola bars. It was kind of a day of mishaps, small in scale. The video wouldn't play for the Shakespeare class. We got to watch about five hilarious minutes of Patrick Stewart alternately gesturing and stroking his chin, talking about Shylock, before it shut off. No A/C in Travel Writing, perhaps because it is Saturday and no one is in the offices, but it was so humid. Downtown for lunch at Quiznos, shameless plug, if you want a $5 meal for two people, go there. This is the second time I've eaten at Quiznos since I've been here, the same meal, too. Jana and I got away with a 6 in sub each, a shared bag of chips and a drink for less than $8 total. Subway is doing the same thing, I think, but I don't like Subway. Then in Romanticism we talked about Blake who I do not like or really understand, and I think should not be taken lightly. He's so confusing to me. One minute praising the creativity of God, the next storming against the church and every other institution, and then spouting "proverbs of hell"-- the good and the bad mixed together so the reader has to spend an exponentially greater amount of time trying to figure out what he's talking about, which ones he supports, which ones are nonsense, and then, if the ones that seem good and make sense are still "proverbs of hell" not to be followed because they are spoken by someone who, in the work, calls Satan "messiah." I hope I never have to read him again. And I probably shouldn't have this attitude. I'd rather not see the big picture of his weirdness and take away the parts I like, like "The Lamb." At least we're only spending a day on him. End of Blake rant. Tonight, we're going over to a girl's house in Wheaton for pizza and movies to rest our brains.
Last night we got to go to "The Winter's Tale" on campus for the Shakespeare conference and it was quite good. They condensed it to under an hour and the actors were older, so it was a more polished performance. Not your typical performance, but very good.
A more detail oriented post today, less raw thought. I'm having a good time. It will be nice to sleep in tomorrow and have a day off.
Love from Wheaton,

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