Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas Letter Pics

Thanks for reading the Christmas letter! Here are some photo highlights from our year.

April-- Caleb and I got to travel to Memphis for Jon's senior musical. It was amazing, and I saw it three times. 

June-- Caleb and I biking in Niagara. 

I included this one so you could get the whole effect of the Canadian ponchos. 

October-- Jon started at Northwestern, and we got to visit him briefly one weekend. 

November-- My mom finished her MFA program at the end of the year, and we got to see her final show over Thanksgiving. It was awesome. 

All of the three kids were able to be there, and we were very proud. 

In December, we went to Brazil for Ben and Denise's wedding! It was a beautiful wedding and a great time with friends. We were so glad to be there. 

Christmas dinner in Brazil. 

Pao de azucar in the background in Rio. 

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  1. Love love love!! So glad ya'll had such a great year! xoxo