Monday, March 19, 2012

So blog peeps. It's been a while.

I've been doing a lot of thinking.

I think I am going back to school. Still not 100% solid about it, but it will probably happen. The program is to get a teaching certificate for 1-8 grade. It will be a lot of work. That is what makes me not want to do it. haha Still waiting for the gut feeling of "go for it!" but that may not come before the first day of class...

Rowing is starting up a week from today. Preparing for that keeps me sore and tired, and on a weird schedule.

AND we're going to Brazil a week from Wednesday. I haven't really begun to imagine what it will be like to be gone for so long, on vacation, in a place where I don't know anyone or speak the language. I am looking forward to the shopping, and the food, which I have heard Caleb talk about for so long and now can finally experience. I am also really excited to see Iguazu Falls and go on a little mini vacation within the big vacation.

I just finished reading the first book in the Mitford series, which I liked more than I thought I would.

Well, the beautiful thoughts aren't really coming out tonight I guess. It's 10 pm and I feel old. Bedtime. Maybe the next one will be more interesting.

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